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Muscle Pain Treatment

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, when there is damage to either yin or yang the other one is affected. This relates to agonist and antagonist muscle groups and their roles in supporting and moving the joints of the body. The prime muscle mover is the agonist and the opposing group is the antagonist. Yin and yang have an opposing yet interdependent relationship, just like muscle groups do. When a muscle contracts its fibers shorten. The opposite muscle will then lengthen and stretch its fibers in order to maintain balance in the body. This is how muscles move us. However, when a muscle is overused, experiences trauma, or is not nourished by blood and Qi it stays in contraction.  This contraction is what causes tightness and muscle pain. This creates an imbalance between the agonist and antagonist (yin and yang) group leading to pain. Luckily Traditional Chinese Medicine can help balance your muscle to relieve pain and prevent further injury.

Below are a few treatments that can help;

Muscle Pain Treatment with Acupuncture

There are specific acupuncture points, called motor points, that address tight and painful muscles. Each point is located where the greatest concentration of nerve endings are located in each muscle. These points are the most electrically excitable areas of a muscle. When motor points are needled the muscle will contract fully and then release. Repeated needling of motor points will allow the muscle to relax and contract normally. This restores  muscle groups to their properly balance, relieving you of pain and discomfort.


Cupping is a technique where special cups are placed on the skin to create suction. Cupping therapy addresses pain by increasing blood flow to a pain area. Cupping draws waste and toxins, such as lactid actid and other pain-causing chemicals, from the muscle and deposited them the surface of the tissue. The lymphatic system can more easily drain the waste and toxins from the body when they are on the surface. 

Gua sha

Gua sha is a technique used to relieve muscle and joint tension. This procedure involves scraping the skin using a tool to create pressure. It produces a red or purple spot known as petechiae. This petechiae may look like a bruise but is not, it is lactic acid and other toxins coming to the surface of your body. The lymphatic system can more easily drain these toxins out of your body when they are at the surface. This provides you with quick pain relief. 

Electric stimulation

A machine is attached to acupuncture needles through a wire and clips. This machine is designed to stimulate muscles in the body by delivering a continuous electric pulse. By sending a very small electric current through a muscle the muscle can be trained to relax long-term. This treatment also helps to relieve muscle soreness, tightness, swelling.

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