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Shoulder Pain

Although the shoulder is commonly perceived as a ball and socket joint, it is actually made up of a complex system of muscles and joints. Shoulder pain can interfere with your quality of life, career, and daily tasks. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been proven to help reduce pain and inflammation in the shoulder. Don’t suffer, start healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Below are a few treatments that can help;

Shoulder Pain Acupuncture Treatment

Specific acupuncture points are selected for each muscle affected, called motor points. These points are located at the entrance of the motor nerve which contains the most electrical excitability and greatest concentration of nerve endings.  When these points are needled the muscle will contract fully and then release. Repeated needling of motor points will allow the muscle to permanently relax and allow the antagonist and agonist muscle groups to properly balance.

Gua sha

Gua sha is a technique used to relieve muscle and joint tension. This procedure involves scraping the skin using a tool to create pressure. It produces a red or purple spot known as petechiae. This petechiae may look like a burise but is not, it is lactic acid and other toxins coming to the surface of your body. The lymphatic system can more easily drain these toxins out of your body when they are at the surface. This provides you with quick pain relief. 


Cupping is a technique that uses special cups to creat a vaccume. This vaccume is placed on the skin to relieve stressed and sore muscles. It works by removing lactic acid and other toxins to the surface of the body so that the lympathic system can more easily drain them out. This provides quick pain relief to your muscles.

Electric stimulation

A machine is attached to acupuncture needles through a wire and clips. This machine is designed to stimulate muscles in the body by delivering a continuous electric pulse. By sending a very small electric current through a muscle the muscle can be trained to relax long-term. This treatment helps to relieve muscle soreness, tightness, swelling.

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Ready to Begin?

Start Healing

The American Acupuncture Center in Bloomfield Hills provides holistic medicine in a safe, comprehensive, and convenient manner. We listen to you in order to address your health concerns in the best way for you. Contact us so we can help you feel better and meet your wellness goals.

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