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Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bloomfield Hills

Our clinic in Bloomfield Hills is here to help you find the right holistic treatment. Acupuncture, cupping & herbal medicine are just a few of what we have waiting for you.  

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Our Clinic

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic is located in the heart of Bloomfield Hills. Each spacious acupuncture treatment room has a hydraulic massage table to ensure that you can comfortably and safely prepare for your treatment. Our staff features the only fully CERTIFIED Doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the area. Our COMPREHENSIVE approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a collaborative approach, on request we will reach out to your primary healthcare provider to ensure alignment in your healthcare needs. Our location CONVENIENTLY features an onsite herbal pharmacy, so that immediately after your treatment you can purchase custom-made herbal formula by the only Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bloomfield Hills. 

Featured Treatments

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Our healers include the only Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Metro Detroit & Michigan

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Every acupuncture appointment includes cupping, gua sha, electric stimulation, or moxibustion



Our clinic contains a Herbal Pharmacy. We process Insurance Reimbursement through Superbills.

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Alyssa Cebulski

I have been seeing Dr. Serena now for about 6 months and she has helped me with my migraines and digestive issues. As a dancer, I have also had multiple muscle pains that she relieved quickly. Not only does she care for my well-being but she also cares for my career. I am so blessed I have found an acupuncturist that has been so beneficial. Also, cupping is magical! Thank you Dr. Serena!

What Our Patients Say

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine provides an effective, drug free, and all natural solution to restore your health. This holistic medicine approach will encompass your psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical self to promote long term balance, health, and wellness. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes into account all systems of the body in order to the body’s energy, “or Qi”, so the body can heal itself.


The cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine are acupuncture and herbal medicine. Chinese Herbal Medicine works with acupuncture by acupuncture guiding the body's healing and herbs providing nourishment and support to the body. In addition, gua sha, moxibustion, cupping and electro acupuncture are adjunctive treatments used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Holistic Medicine

Conventional medicine which focuses on one body system as the cause and root of a health problem, for instance acne being limited to skin. However, holistic medicine views the entire body and mind interconnected. Holistic medicine understands that a health concern may be due to nutrition, environment, or dysfunction of another body area. Panic attacks, for example, do not only affect the mind but can cause palpitations, sweating, and hyperventilation.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine because it addresses health in the context of the whole person. It provides patients with tailored acupuncture treatments and education on self-care, lifestyle changes,diet, exercising, and more to improve their overall health and wellness long term. 


Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin, solid, sterile, stainless steel needles at specific points throughout the body restores the balance and order to qi throughout the body. Qi provides the energy needed for our bodies to function by supporting body temperature, maintaining the structure and strength of our organs, and keeping our metabolism constant. When Qi flows properly, the body functions correctly. When Qi is blocked, problems arise. 


Our skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, we provide evidence-based acupuncture treatments. Current research also shows that acupuncture reacts with the brain to release chemicals that reduce pain, regulate hormones, and influence many of the body’s systems. Thus, acupuncture has an impact on the inflammatory response, hormone output, metabolism, circulation, pain/opioid receptors, and the nervous system.

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