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Nutritional Counseling TCM

Everyone knows that proper diet and nutrition is important for good health. TCM or Traditional Chinese nutrition uses food as medicine to prevent disease, remove illness and slow aging. Nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes the importance of balance in the body through diet through a holistic lense. Chinese nutritional counseling in Bloomfield Hills  bases recommendations on a person’s constitution, environment, and specific health concerns. Chinese nutritional counseling helps you become healthier and feel better by teaching you to be mindful of your body and its relationship with food.

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Our healers include the only Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Metro Detroit & Michigan

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Every acupuncture appointment includes cupping, gua sha, electric stimulation, or moxibustion



Our clinic contains a Herbal Pharmacy. We process Insurance Reimbursement through Superbills.

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Traditional Chinese nutritional counseling in Bloomfield Hills is individualized to best suit your needs and health concerns. Chinese nutrition incorporates the preventive medicine and holistic tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to address your health. Chinese dietary changes can dramatically change the way you look, feel and think about your health.

What is TCM Nutritional Counseling ?

At its core, Traditional Chinese Medicine is preventative medicine. Most today’s illnesses are chronic and entirely preventable. Unlike conventional medicine, Chinese nutrition takes a holistic approach by tailoring recommendations to a person in order to find balance within the body for optimal health and wellness.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food consists of five flavors: spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Foods and herbs can have more than one flavor, and each flavor has its own properties. For example, bitter foods are drying and cold in nature. Each flavor is also correlated to organ systems. In short, salty got to the Kidneys and Bladder; sour to the Liver and Gall-Bladder; bitter to the Heart and Small Intestine; spicy to the Lungs and Large Intestine; and sweet to the Spleen and Stomach.

How Does TCM Nutritional Counseling work?

Climate changes strongly affect our health, and our diet should enable us to adapt with those changes. This not only applies to fruits and vegetables that are in season, but also incorporates foods with similar energetics to the current season. The theory of yin and yang is also applied to foods. This theory can be applied to harmonize the body with the seasons. For example, eating yang foods during winter (the most yin time of year) and yin foods in the summer (the most yang time of year).


1. Listen to your body. The best diet plan is one that works for your unique needs and specific imbalance.


2. Eat the proper amount of food. Let your body tell you when it is “full” or “hungry”. Overeating hinders the digestion process and distribution of nutrients to parts of the body that need them the most. While on the other hand, underrating leaves the body malnourished and dehydrated can lead to poor mental function and slow healing times.


3. Breakfast should be your largest meal. In the morning your digestive system is the most active (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) and eating during this time will lead to optimal absorption, distribution, and use of nutrients.


4. Avoid excessive amounts of cold and raw foods. Too much cold food can slow down our physiological processes. Traditional Chinese nutrition advocates the avoidance of things like ice water, smoothies, and salads.  Warm foods are easier on our bodies so opt for room temperature water, slightly steamed vegetables, or a cup of warm soup.


5. Eat with the seasons. Seasonal foods have qualities that are similar to the external environment. we will adapt better to changes in season and stay healthy If we remain in harmony with our environment.


6. Take your time when eating. Eating in a rush or angry can affect your body in negative ways. Being in a calm mood, in a relaxed environment will lead to mindful eating. Mindfulness can boost digestion, improve your relationship with food. Also, being present when eating may help you identify any food sensitivities you may have.


To properly institute Chinese nutrition into your life see one of our practitioners for Chinese nutritional counseling in Bloomfield Hills. We can assess your imbalances and advise you on Chinese dietary recommendations.


Alyssa Cebulski

I have been seeing Dr. Serena now for about 6 months and she has helped me with my migraines and digestive issues. As a dancer I have also have had multiple muscle pins that she has relieved quickly. Not only does she care for my well being but she also care for my career. I am so blessed I have found an acupuncturist that has been so beneficial. Also, cupping is magical! Thank you Dr. Serena!

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